Itís a Family Fun Boat

The 'Firebug' is a 2.4 metre (8 foot) sailboat, a trainer yacht for learning, for club sailing or racing or simply a family fun boat, for holidays at the beach or take it camping. It's fun to build and fun to sail especially if you have built it yourself. See the gallery page for pictures of Firebugs being built and enjoyed by amateur builders.

Itís a Real Boat

This is not a knock-it-up-in-a-weekend throwaway boat - it's a real boat, light but strong, nice to sail or race and just right for learning boat building and sailing skills.

Build it yourself

Construction is from timber and plywood. You make up the pieces then assemble them on a building frame. Full sized patterns make marking out simple. There is no difficult bending or complicated shapes.

Gain new skills

The Firebug has been designed for the novice builder as well as the experienced. The building technique is optimised to be as foolproof as possible - the step by step construction system is self checking as work progresses. After enjoying building your Firebug your new skills may let you take on a larger project, a bigger boat (how about a live aboard yacht for a Pacific cruise!) or at least do those jobs around the home with new confidence.

Itís popular

With plans in 29 countries and hundreds of boats built already the Firebug is attracting a lot of interest. As one builder said, "At last I have found the design I have been looking for! Great, I can't wait to get started!"

OK by Team New Zealand

Brad Butterworth, tactician for both of Team New Zealand's Americas Cup Victories owns a Firebug and is pleased with it. Brad says, I'm happy my family's learning sailing in a Firebug!"

One third the cost

Cost varies depending on how much you make yourself and what you buy in kits. Typically the cost is about one third the cost of a similar sized ready to sail boat. One third the cost and often three times the boat!

OK for Adults or Kids

Your new boat can be sailed by children or adults. For teaching, there is room for two on board - no need for shouting from the beach! The Firebug is very responsive and manoeuvrable and easy to learn to sail in. The rig is simple and easy to control. Itís lots of fun!

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